Stylist, Cheg & Bi-Coastal Gina in Ojai

Olio, sale, pepe, basta!

Name: Gina Correll

Hometown: Ojai, CA

Current Location: New York and Los Angeles

Day Job: Stylist, Chef

Daily Uniform: Old clothes, new shoes. I tend to prefer vintage clothing, as I usually find well-made, more affordable and more unique pieces. Like most women, I go a little nuts with shoes.

In the kitchen, I swear by: My cast-iron skillet and something a little old Italian woman I lived with in Sienna used to say: ‘Gina, olio, sale, pepe, basta!’ which means ‘olive oil, salt, pepper…enough!’

The taste I couldn’t live without: Shellfish and bacon—not necessarily together, but even better if they are. Sorry, koshers and veggies.

I have a few: Unopened bottles of Chanel #5

Most incredible dinner out: is not out, but in. I can honestly say cooking at home with good people blows any meal, anywhere, out of the water. But if I do think back to the best meals, they have usually been with my Godfather, Don Green.  He will order everything on and off the menu.

I’m dying to go to: Chez Panisse—obviously, Alice Waters is a genius.  The Bay Area boasts the most incredible farms and vineyards and I have yet to go. Someday soon.

My favorite things about California: Produce, privacy, pools and home cooking.

My favorite things about New York: People, delivery, wearing pumps, dining out.

New pair of shoes, or an expensive meal: Oh, thats tough. I can usually rationalize an expensive meal by comparing it to the amount I may have just spent on shoes. And when torn over buying shoes I probably don’t need, I definitely weigh in the price of my last meal.  I need both!

If I could cook for anyone: Dead: Bill Hicks.  Alive: Jennifer Saunders

Top 5 (OK, 9) Meals:

1. Calamari, skate, chocolate bruno and anything from the raw bar at Blue Ribbon Brasserie in New York

2. Gimlet and oysters Rockefeller at The Monkey Bar in New York

3. The kale caesar salad at Il Buco in New York

4. Snapper or scallop with shiso leaf, lemon and salt at Sushi Gen in downtown LA

5. Pechuga Suiza at La Super-Rica Taqueria in Santa Barbara

6. Short Rib sashimi at Bohemian in NYC

7. Fried Green Tomatoes and Seared Kangaroo with Green Relish at Picnic in Barcelona

8. Seafood Pasta at Hemingway’s in Tulum, Mexico

9. Egg Salad Sandwich at Euro Pane Bakery in LA.  My favorite breakfast

My Motto: Something a dear friend of my pop’s said to me as a kid: “Keep it simple, stupid.”  I think this especially works for cooking.