A quick word on why we're here

Hey, I’m Pippa! I wanted to explain a little bit about what compelled me to start Sous Style and why it’s such a passion project for me.

For years, I hated food because I thought it just made me fat, and I dreamed of living in a villa somewhere in Tuscany, yet my bedroom looked like a crack den. Well, not quite, but you can imagine. I soon realized that until I became comfortable with these aspects of my life—food and home—and quit dreaming about being someone else, I would never move forward or become the person I wanted to be. I noticed there was no place online that spoke to girls like me, so I decided to create one. And here we are. Welcome to Sous Style.

Jonathan Van Meter once described Charlize Theron as an “unrepentant pleasure seeker” who is “not afraid of a steak or a shot of tequila.” The Sous Style homemaker is exactly that. She is passionate about food and home and knowledge and love and life. She accepts that she’s a work in progress and knows for a fact that she’s not perfect and never will be. She believes that well-behaved women never made history, and she is determined to write her own story. I hope you love Sous Style and that you can get lost here for hours.

Pippa x

P.s. Here we are partying with Christina Tosi at her Milk Bar cookbook launch (Blair, Kelly, moi, Christina and Lianna)!