Actress Vera Jordanova Explans Bulgarian Food

Cooking scars from NY, Helsinki to Bulgaria

Name: Vera Jordanova

Hometown: New York, Sofia, Helsinki.

Day Job: Actress

Daily Uniform: Jeans, T-Shirt, Scarf, Heels.

I have a few: Scars from cooking

In the kitchen, I swear by: Fresh organic ingredients and lots of herbs

The taste I couldn’t live without: Chocolate!  Cliché but true.

Most incredible dinner out: At the spectacular restaurant of Hotel Capotaormina in Sicily. The same place where actor Jean Reno ordered the famous “Spaghetti Al Frutti Di Mare” in the movie, Le Grand Bleu (The Big Blue). I had the same dish.

If I could cook for anyone, it would be: James Bond. I recently auditioned for the new Bond movie and he’s been on my mind…

Top 5 Meals:
1. My mom’s kitchen in Bulgaria.

2. A little restaurant on the Greek island, Amorgos: Facing the sunset bay, watching fisherman bringing in the calamari, fresh from the sea, soon to be on your plate.

3. Mediterranean salt-baked sea bass and black rice paella with aioli at Restaurant Barceloneta in Barcelona

4. Hot chocolate at Restaurant La Jacobine in Paris

5. Ceviche at Restaurant Panca in New York

My Motto in Life: To live through life with love, courage, enthusiasm and inspiration. To be more concerned about the people and less about the way they see me.

A little something about Bulgarian food…Bulgaria is situated strategically between Europe and Asia and that makes up for a cuisine rich of color and taste that is strongly influenced by the Mediterranean, yet a little more exotic.

Bulgarians are famous for eating long and slow. We’d rather have five little small dishes at the same time than one big one. It is called meze, similar to the Spanish tapas. We indulge ourselves with making small bites of flavor combinations while sipping on cold rakia or a glass of wine.