Lucy in Melbourne

"What a crazy combo!"

Around the World: A huge piece of graphic art by a French Artist called Genevieve Gauckler. All of the famous sights from across the world are there, collated into one impressive mountain of monuments. It is enthralling. Its spell captures all who visit!

Bullet in the Sky: My sister is a fabulous artist and she recently had a show called  “Panel Work” which was a sell-out and was incredible. She worked in the dessert last year and came across a lot of abandoned cars that had been sitting in the outback for years, enduring the elements and heat of Northern Territory. Saskia takes to the cars with her battery operated angle grinder and takes away a little piece of panel art. This particular car panel has 32 bullet holes. Who knows the story behind it, but I think it is pretty damn terrific.

Ceramic Characters: I picked up these two characters at the Melbourne Art Fair last year.. They are by sculptor and painter Brendan Huntley. Made of ceramic, they are a welcome addition to our lounge room. I am a huge fan of Brendan’s work. His ceramic vessels and paintings investigate individual personalities. My family has acquired a few of Brendan’s pieces and we are excited to see what he will come up with next. I love the naïveté of Brendan’s work and his subtle color palette.

Dinosaur: My man Charlie is a talented architect. He also dabbled in ceramics when he was a kid, and this dinosaur is his masterpiece. It is our mascot. It weighs around 10 kilos.

Crocodile Skin Jewelry Case: This beautiful jewelry case was my great grandmothers. It is from the 1890’s and it has her initials A E R on it. I was lucky enough to inherit it. It safely holds all of my special jewels. It is sentimental and of huge value to me.

Cookbooks / Ottolenghi: Being a foodie one must have a collection of cookbooks. At the top of my stack is Ottolenghi. Filled with delicious recipes, with loads of salads, it appeals to my (mostly) healthy diet.

Taco Clutch: This is a proud achievement of mine. I recently finished my taco clutch. It is a kooky piece for all those crazy ladies out there.  Made up of copper that has been etched and gold plated. The inside is coral-colored leather, that has been made to fit the shell and it is all sewn together with Aztec stitching. It has been nice exploring accessories further and I hope to get my teeth into some more clutches soon!!

Corn Stool: Another gift, this time from my sister. Basically my world was made up of corn last year. I made corn inspired jewelry and had a couple of Mexican parties. Now I have my very own corn stool to remind me of all those mad kernels.

Watermelon Stool: My mother filled our family house with all sorts of handicrafts from Mexico and this is a gem of a piece.  I have worked with the manufacturers of these stools on some paper-mache components that I used in my jewelry. Think sharks, watermelons, lemons, oranges, prawns and cigarette butts. What a crazy combo!

Cork Stool: I have started to collect quirky stools and my boyfriend bought me this cork stool by Vitra for Christmas. I am drawn to its nautical and foodie reference. It also doubles as a good TV dinner tray.

Vintage Marimekko Cushions: I am such a Marimekko girl!  My sister and I had stripe-y Marimekko nighties when we were kids. My bed linen, towels and cushions for the kitchen chairs are all from the fantastic Finish brand.  These are particularly special as they are vintage and worn in. I often take them into my courtyard and lie in the sun, reading magazines.