A Mini Thanksgiving Chez Sous Style

Truffle oil, succulents and a tiny kitchen create an ultra-chic feast

The Menu

Truffled devil eggs, topped with pancetta

Shaved Brussels sprouts salad-with Pecorino and toasted walnuts

Brown butter sage green beans

Butternut squash and mushroom roasted in duck fat

Roasted turkey breast and drumstick with gravy

Cranberry relish

Pumpkin gingersnap tart-with salted pecan brittle and fresh vanilla whipped cream

The Details

Who: Mara, resident tips and tools expert and Pippa, non-expert expert

What: The Sous Style Mini Thanksgiving Extravaganza

Where: Chez Sous Style (600-square-foot apartment)

Guests: Ten girls with appetites and a friend’s sick boyfriend

Budget: $100-ish

The Challenges: No counter space, a temperamental oven [ed. note: it was broken] and only 30 minutes to pull it together, heat and serve!

Style notes: Our aim was to make it feel like Thanksgiving but not take a literal, folksy or kitsch approach. Elegant, chic and simple. The table setting comprised of an assortment of cactus buds and cabbage flowers. The arrangement was quite sculptural and in a neutral color palette. The only pops of color came from the mini pumpkins in rich greens, yellows and oranges.

We had a few: Dirty dishes. Actually, not a few—more like a thousand

In the kitchen we swore by: Duck fat, flat shoes and the floor as additional counter space.

The taste we couldn’t live without: The vanilla bean in the fresh whipped cream. Beyond!

Most incredible dish: Pumpkin gingersnap tart with salted pecan brittle. Insane!

Mara taught me: How to pace yourself and plan ahead

The bargain: Mini pumpkins from the flower market were only $1 each. It gave the table a big “wow” factor for a small investment

The splurge: Truffle oil for the deviled eggs

The best thing about this menu was: How good it tasted that night, the next day and the day after that. Loving leftovers!

Our motto: Keep it cheap, chic and (appear to be) effortless. Just remember to wipe away the sweat before your guests arrive.

We’re happy to share any of our Thanksgiving recipes! Just email us at eat@sousstyle.com.

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