A Mini Meltdown Chez Sous Style


On Sous Style we do a section called Wake Up Call where we follow a cool and inspiring woman’s morning routine. Have a look at Wendy. She’s incredible! I love this post as it gives you an intimate and honest look into how another person starts her day. Chic voyeurism.

I always think about how my morning would look through the eyes of Sous Style but then I snap back to reality and remember my mornings are not always green juices, Pilates and meditation, all before 8 a.m.

Welcome to my Wake Up Call or as I refer to it as theMini Meltdown at Chez Sous Style.” Like all great episodes of 90210 it started off well but then somehow it went horribly wrong….

Here we go.

6:30 a.m. – Go for an early run along Promenade. I imagine this is what Eva Mendes does every morning so I like to think that we’re similar, except she dates Ryan Gosling (only one minor difference).

7:30 am – Pilates class. No one else turns up so it’s a private lesson. Awesome morning.

8:20 am – Back home. Shower. Coffee.

8:40 – Time to get dressed. Today’s outfit choice is super-important as having dinner with ex and friends. I must look like the hottest thing on the planet or at least give off a “Wow, great outift, Pippa, why aren’t we together?” kind of vibe.

8:41 – Where the hell did my good clothes go????

8:42 – No, seriously. What psychotic wardrobe pixie came in the middle of the night and stole all my clothes? I have nothing to wear. NOTHING.

Note : I’m ignoring the two closets that are stuffed with items that barely resemble clothing.

8:43 – The psycho pixie clothes thief has also shrunk my favorite pair of pants. Bastard. I have butt cleavage.

8:50 – Cruise Facebook. Need a distraction. Oy. High stress.

8:55 – Find shirt. Actually, no, it has a red wine stain. Find pants that work. Actually, no, I look like a butch equestrian rider. Then, a sexy top. Actually, no, I look like a tart. Finally, heels. Actually, no, I walk like an elephant in them.

This parade of dress-ups went on for another 30-45 minutes. I missed an early work meeting and my bedroom resembled a dodgy bargain basement.  Not very Sous Style at all.

Eventually I had to stop. Pick an outfit and walk out the door. To be honest part of me would have spent another six hours aggressively searching for the perfect outfit to wear, but guess what? The perfect outfit either doesn’t exist or I wasn’t going to find it that morning anyway. Did I adore the outfit I chose in the end? Not particularly, but what I did love was that I made a decision and got over it despite all my insecurities that were neatly disguised by a self-manufactured wardrobe dilemma.  Oy, we are complicated creatures sometimes! Am I totally nutso or nutso-normal? Email me at pippa@sousstyle.com and tell me you do this all the time too.

Take it from me, sometimes you just have to make it work because really that’s the best we can ever do, isn’t it?

Pippa x

P.S. – Ex ended up canceling that night. Go figure!





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