Erica’s Teeny Tiny Bedroom

Eye-spy Erica's favorite things in her teeny-but-adorable Brooklyn bedroom.

Name: Erica Suzanne Steiner

Location: Teeny Tiny Baby Room, Park Slope, Brooklyn

Day Job: Pretty Lady (hostess) at Peels; Masters in Sociology


Quilt: I got this up in Maine at an amazing three-story antique store. I always spend my Fourth of July there with friends and this store has become part of the ritual. The colors on the quilt are so vibrant and make my teeny room feel so warm.

Photo in Black-and-White Checked Frame: This was taken the night that two of my childhood friends reunited after a long time apart. They just got married this past August.

Silver Bird and Wooden Birdcage: This was one of those gifts that was given to me by a friend who just knows me too well. She lives in rural Alaska being all “Alaska-ey”, minus Sarah Palin.

Wedding Photo: Those are my parents, Barbie and Ken. Seriously, their names are Barbara and Ken.

Bouquet Clutch: I got this at Catbird in Williamsburg and I take this to almost every wedding I go to because I figure that I’d rather not be mauled in catching a bouquet, but I’d still like to have one.

Turquoise and Gold Turban: This is an impulse purchase from 10 Ft. Single that I have never worn, but desperately want to. Oh, do I want to. I’m going to force someone to have a turban party.

Perfume Collection: My grandmother’s scent is Issey Miyake and I have spent my entire life trying to find a signature scent for myself. I’m down to three, but I think that I’ve decided on Miss Dior Cherie. Belle D’Opium is inching up in the running though.

Framed Boston Scarf: I got this at the Manhattan Vintage Show, but like me, it’s all Boston. The quote on it says, “Boston, Home of the Bean and the Cod”, and ME!  What a prestigious list.

Photo Booth Photos: True, they are the main form of hipster documentation, but these, taken mostly at Union Pool, are great mementos of stupid nights and stupid faces.

Ewok Calaveras: These are by Jose Pulido and apart from my loving the aesthetic of Dia de los Muertos paraphernalia, I also love Star Wars (own it on laser disc). It was a Christmas gift and a good one.