Festive Tips from my Celebrity Friends

The Real Housewives of South Boston show us how it's done

This week I reached out to a few celebrities for style and entertaining tips during the festive season. Unfortunately, Martha, Nate, Gail and Ellen didn’t return my calls, emails, tweets or midget Santagrams, so I thought to reconnect with a few old friends who also happen to be the stars of the hit reality series, The Real Housewives of South Boston.

Check out their Christmas special here. It’s (wicked) major. Below is a list of their chic and tasteful holiday tips that work for anyone on any budget. Mistletoe headband, anyone? Yes, please! No go on, it’s time to get inspired. xP


Make your tree wicked fancy with God’s yarn: tinsel.

Treat yourself like a queen and get bottled beer instead of cans.

Don’t have time to wrap gifts? Use the bag it came and and throw a bow on it. They’ll get it.

Never decorate with blue and white—people will think you’re a Yankees fan or Jewish.

Put mistletoe in your hair so you can always be making out.

If you’re microwaving mini-weiners make sure to open your windows ’cause it stinks real bad (but it’s worth it).

When hosting a party, put the space heater in the middle of the room so everyone can get to it.

Can’t decide what to wear to your office holiday party? A Red Sox jersey is ALWAYS appropriate.

Colored lights can be pricey—”borrow” them from the downtown display. You’ll give ’em back in the spring.

It’s not rude to keep the game on during Christmas dinner unless the Jets are playing—then it’s sacrilege.

Let the kids drink. It’s only once a year.

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