After the party…Now what?!

We wake up to thoughts of the future—don't be scared.
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My genius friend Jason, editor of the legendary Wooooo magazine just posted to Facebook, “Gawd, January 2nd 2012 is dead f’ing boring aint it?!”

LIKE! LIKE! LIKE!  I hit it in a way that could only resemble a 15-year-old social media addict with Tourettes could do. To coin an Oprah term, Jason’s prolific words obviously really “spoke” to me.

Here’s the thing:

After the fireworks, parties and New Year’s Day recovery you’re left with the less glamorous but highly practical date of January 2nd….which I like to call the real start to the New Year.

I don’t start thinking about 2012 until literally 48 hours after the clock strikes midnight and then panic sets in about the usual big-picture love life and hair color stuff. Instead of writing out a laundry list of ways to give up this and get more that in the form of a resolution I like to get a little new age and write a letter to me—in the future, exactly one year from now—It’s not weird, I promise.

The letter can be whatever you want it to be. Thirty words. Three hundred words. It’s entirely up to you, just as long as it feels sincere, thoughtful and authentic. It’s your little opportunity to realign, refocus and voice how you’d like the next year to turn out as if it has already happened. It’s a little “law of attraction” but I prefer to think of it as a pep talk from your best friend (AKA you).

Today I wrote mine on the flight back from Sydney before I head home to New York. In the past I’ve written more detailed and intimate letters (i.e with dates, specifics, events, etc.)  but this year I chose to keep it short but sincere. The very Sous Style “work smart, not hard” approach to self motivation. So here it goes –

Dear Pippa,

It’s 2013 already and what a year 2012 has been….I know as you sat on the plane brainstorming about the year ahead you were concerned with a few things that have previously held you back. Remember? Well done because this year you were break through or at least got better. You said..

Believe in yourself. Watch less Bravo. Live with vulnerability. Ask a guy out. Be open to all possibilities. Stop procrastinating. If it takes less that minute, just do it.  Be proud. Make your bed. Less chocolate pretzels. Call your grandmother. Own who you are. Love what you already have. Organize your kitchen. Forever embrace the imperfect perfect and always remember your weaknesses are actually your greatest strengths.

Oh and just be yourself. You’re a pathetic actress so don’t even bother pretending. As they say everyone else is taken anyway so being Pippa is totally cool for now. Oh, and post more ugly pics of you on SousStyle. Stop being vain!

Chat next year,

Pippa  (2013)

If you’re into giving it a shot I’d love to hear your feedback—email me at

Here’s to an awesome New Year right now!


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