The Good, the Bad and the Hungry

Celebrity strategies vs. reality
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The last couple of weeks can only be described as “Pippa ‘s fun and festive all you can eat food and booze cruise.” Wine here, cake there and bread? Yes, please! Are you going to finish that? Absolutely! It was brilliant.  I may not be your typical detox kind of girl, but given that my jeans are feeling the strain, I think it’s time to pull back a bit.

I know, I know: What better way to gain safe and credible inspiration than to pick up a few gossip magazines to learn about the latest celebrity weight loss tips and tricks?

As a result of my finely tuned research I can tell you the following important bites of information:

Kate and Pippa Middleton follow the French Four-Phase Dukan diet

Kim Kardashian enlists Barry’s Boot Camp, walks in Skechers Shape-Ups (which she endorses) and sips Quick-Trim shakes (also an endorsement)

Aretha Franklin doesn’t eat after 6 o’clock p.m.

Kate Winslet does a 20-minute pilates DVD every day

Fergie does “a bunch of sit-ups.”

Jennifer Anniston does pretty much everything and then some more

Tyra Banks power walks and keeps a food diary

Drew Barrymore loves anti-aging red capsicums

Alec Baldwin practices yoga with his hot yogini girlfriend

Snooki credits a diet pill (she endorses) called Zantrex

And Jonah Hill admitted he has “matured”

After gathering such quantative research I can 100% conclude by saying this:

Forget about the latest craze, pill or potion and concentrate on what makes the most sense according to your likes, dislikes and lifestyle. The moment you stop worrying about how to do it and take the pressure off, you’ll discover what truly works. Trust me on that—I’ve spent years experimenting with this type of thing and my body only “got it” when I started being nice to it. Fancy that.

Personally I prefer to take the “patchwork quilt” approach  to this type of thing—a little piece of intel here and there so I weave together a program that’s unique and entirely on my terms.

Anyway, I’d love to hear your thoughts, tidbits or suggestions about ways you’re chilling post-holidays. Email

Pippa x

P.s.—For those who are into detoxing here’s a good one that I did last year and will probably revisit. It’s a little dorky  but truly an awesome food-friendly program where you can still enjoy a little cheese, red wine and dark chocolate. I’m serious when I say it’s an obtainable health retreat for your body.

Check it out: Detox for Women.

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