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The supermodel schools a fella in wooing his roommate—with lamb chop lollipops

Dear Chrissy,

My roommate (who may also be the love of my life, but doesn’t know I exist) is addicted to Top Chef and obsessed with Tom Colicchio. I want to “casually” impress her with my culinary expertise one night after work. Any ideas? I’m better looking than Tom so it’s definitely worth a shot but I really need your advice! Help me, Chrissy!


Manhattan, NY

Ok, first off, you’re her roommate. She knows you exist. Just try being late on rent. I remember those days. I got so bad with it that my landlord would only accept money orders from my ass, and I would still pay late and we’d both get fees. Trust me, my roommate knew he had a roommate then. But alright, back to your question.

Well, when I think Tom Collicchio, I think meat. And when I think of an impressive piece of meat, there’s, errr, lots of things I think of, but food-wise, I think of perfectly cooked, red in the middle, oozing with flavor, lamb lollipops. I only recently began my love of home-roasted lamb, but, holy sheep, the best recipes I’ve done are so, so simple. One of my favorites is an Ina Garten creation — strong flavors of spicy dijon mustard and rosemary. Oh, my mouth is watering just thinking of it.

You know what is something else that I call sneaky-impressive? Those pre-made little lovelies behind the glass in the seafood department of your grocery store. I toss these out at a dinner party before my home-cooked main and then run around saying, “oh, did you get a chance to try my—the word “my” is key here—crab-stuffed portabello mushrooms or the cedar-roasted salmon? Yeah, just a li’l somethin’ I threw together…”. So those are other options. But the lamb. You must try the lamb. Paired with the fact that you are already being better looking than Tom, I’d say you’d have it in the bag after this. Or else start becoming casually obsessed with Padma. I can introduce you. But you’re in line after me.

Recipe here!

Good luck!