Built by Wendy, Lived in By Wendy

Pillows from Sri Lanka and Patterns from Morocco

Name: Wendy Mullin

Current Location: New York City

Day Job: Owner and designer of Built by Wendy


Drawings: Marcel Dzama is a customer of mine so we did a little trade.  We later collaborated on some drawings for a winter sports-hockey themed collection.

The skin drawing is by Marc Swanson.  Another trade with an artist- this time with my best friend!

Photographs: I love collecting photography.  Here are a couple, Jerry DeWilde and Phillis Galembo, gifts from my boyfriend.  I also love more personal photos like these on the table of my baby girl and boyfriend – priceless.

Vase: This Tiffany vase was a gift from my brother. The pattern is kind of a South of France vibe I’m always inspired by.

Satin Slippers: I’ve always been kind of an old lady about slippers and nightgowns; I got these uptown at one of those spots on Madison.

Chairs, Rug, Pillows: I love bold patterns especially on textiles and ceramic prints. Whether it’s on these pillows from Sri Lanka, Ikat textiles used to reupholster vintage chairs, textured blankets, printed rugs and vintage Japanese pots.

Wall Color: Farrow & Ball makes the best color paint. This soft blue easily makes this my favorite room.

Table: I love broken tile patterns from Morocco.  I was so inspired that I did a fabric print for my Spring 2012 collection.

Ring: My Dior “OUI” ring was a gift to myself and a New Year’s resolution.

Art Books: A luxury to have around the house and a necessity for keeping the inspiration flowing – some recent favorites are Seydou Keita and Viviane Sassen.

Lamp: Aero in Soho always has the best lamps- this one is a new addition, it was a Christmas gift.