Sous Style stages a dating intervention with Dan the MeatBall hunk


Valentine’s Day is almost here, so we thought we’d drum up some good love karma by playing a game of matchmaker with one of our Male Monday studs.

Meet my good friend, Daniel Holzman, the superstar chef behind the Meatball Shop. He’s single, attractive and looking for love so it’s our job (yes, Patti Stanger-style) to help him find it with one of of our sassy and fabulous readers!

Here’s how it will work: Watch the teaser video!

Then, if you’re interested in Daniel or know someone who might be a good match for him, email me at pippa@sousstyle.com. Tell me a few things about yourself and why you’re a good date for Chef Holzman, and send (PG-rated, non-psycho) pictures!

I’ll screen entries and then forward them on to his best friend and business partner, Michael Chernow, to pick the lucky lady to go on a date with Daniel. Amazing!

Seriously, it’s a rom-com waiting to happen, so let’s have fun with this!

Pippa x

Name: Daniel Holzman

Occupation: Chef

Star sign: Aries

Relationship status: Single

About me: I’m a passionate person.  I love to laugh, eat great food, be outside and experience new things.  Life is an adventure and I hate missing any of it!  I need to be with someone who is passionate, someone who has a sense of humor and who doesn’t take themselves too seriously!

Interests: Lately I’ve been interested in history; I’m a science dork so that stuff gets me excited.  I also love fixing things and construction.

Pets: I like a clean house and generally don’t love living with pets in the city.  If I had a country house I could see myself with cats or dogs but not so much for my apartment….

For fun: I go to the movies, the museum, the park, on a bike ride, upstate, skiing, snowboarding, out drinking, read a book; I generally have a lot of fun.

Celebrity Crush: Jake Gyllenhaal

Favorite hot spots: I’m a restaurant guy, not a club guy. You’ll find me at the dive bar around the corner

Favorite things: Tools and sporting equipment, I have a ton of crap I’d love to get rid of.

Last read: The Beautiful and Damned

Smoke (yes / no/ trying to quit?): I’m officially a quitter! It’s been a year and I don’t plan to start again.

Drink: Too much lately!

For more about Dan, keep an eye out for the extended video later on this week!