Couch Therapy with Rebecca and Jon

Respect, take-out and the Real Housewives of Beverly Hills

Couple: Rebecca Sinn Kelly and Jon Kelly

Current Location: Brooklyn Heights, NY

Rebecca’s Day Job: Entertainment editor at Glamour

John’s Day Job: Story editor at The New York Times

How we met: It was on the 22nd floor of the Condé Nast Building. We were both assistants at Vanity Fair Magazine.

Our first breakfast: Before we lived together Jon used to wake up early, go to Food Emporium and try to make these indulgent omelets with chives, goat cheese, tomatoes and other ingredients. He would serve it to me in bed.

Most indulgent dinner: The night before a friend’s wedding in Chicago we went to Spiaggia and had a six course meal that cost a fortune. We were rolled out of there.

When we just want to get fed, we go to: Iris Café or Henry’s End, both in Brooklyn Heights.

Favorite five-minute meal
Rebecca: Toast with avocado
Jon: A fist full of corn chips

The couch was a decision we made together:
Yes, but by together we mean to say that Rebecca picked out the maker, helped design, sent it back for reparations and Jon was home when the guys delivered it.

Who dominates style decisions in the home?
Jon has little interest in style, personal or domestic.

How do your aesthetics differ?
See above.

In terms of decorating, any sacrifices you’ve had to make?
When we first moved in together, Jon had a basketball hoop. There have been many sacrifices since.

Valentine’s Day means: Goofy cards

Why we work as a couple: We respect each other

Guilty pleasure tv shows we watch: House Hunters International and any Real Housewives shows—especially Beverly Hills

Jon on Rebecca
She likes her eggs: Hard-boiled with avocado toast
She will never eat: Chinese food, especially from Fortune House on Henry Street
She makes the best: Vegan peanut butter thumbprint cookies with fresh raspberry jam that don’t taste vegan!
Her signature cocktail: Kombucha
I loved it when she took me to: Baumgarts, near where she grew up in Bergen County. It’s one of those places that serves hamburgers, Chinese food and sushi. Perfect for a teenager.
When she’s trying to impress me, she makes me: Laugh

Rebecca on Jon
He likes his coffee: Black, he has evolved. When we first met he took it with milk and sugar, I guess he simplified things.
He makes the best: He can’t make anything! But he’s good at unpacking take-out!
He absolutely hates: That I see movies for work—I see everything without him and won’t go to a film twice.
His all-time favorite meal: Chicken salad with anything.
When he wants to sweep me off my feet he takes me to: We went to Rao’s one night! That swept me off my feet for sure.  So I guess he swept me off my feet by taking me to Harlem!