And the winner of the date with Daniel is…..

Here's to putting it out there
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Sorry, ladies, we’re still working on it but we’ll announce it next week!

But I wanted to say a huge thank-you to all the girls who were sassy, brave and bold enough to nominate themselves to go on a date with Daniel. It was seriously inspiring to receive so many emails from truly talented, smart and cool girls who were sincerely putting themselves out there. Not to mention the amazing friends who wrote the most beautiful notes about their single best friend or colleague.

Sous Style attracts an incredible crop of ladies—boys, take note!

Anyway, as I put in my “letter to myself earlier this year, I’m trying to put myself in a place of vulnerability day-to-day because that’s where the best things in life happen.  You can’t guarantee the outcome, but you’re open to all the possibilities and that in itself is pretty powerful stuff.

Whether it be nominating yourself to go on a date, applying for a job or telling someone you love them first, don’t be nervous, because you’ll never get what you want—or need—until you ask for it. So let this be a lesson to us all. Nominate the things you want. Be who you are. Don’t be scared, but instead, be excited about the possibilities and forget about the outcome because the real triumph is that you’re just doing it.

Anyway, a little food for thought this Thursday. If this rings true to anyone send me a mail to and let’s chat.

Pippa x

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