Ro & Co in Clinton Hill

Typefaces, independence and spaghetti and meatballs for Chevy Chase

Name: Roanne Adams Wahba

Hometown: Greenwich, CT

Current Location: Clinton Hill, Brooklyn

Day Job: Creative Director of RoAndCo

Daily Uniform: Skinny jeans, boots, a button down, a blazer, sunglasses and a leather jacket.

My go-to five-minute meal: Banana and strawberry rice milk protein shake.

I have a few: Tyepfaces I like to design with.

In the kitchen, I swear by: Extra virgin olive oil and real sea salt.

The taste I can’t live without: Raw dark chocolate

Most incredible dinner out: When my husband took me to Blue Hill at Stone Barns for my 30th birthday.

If I could cook for anyone, I would cook: Spaghetti and meatballs for Chevy Chase

My mother taught me: To be independent.

I’m dying to go: On Safari in South Africa

My top 5 meals:

1.  Seafood pasta at Hemingway Tulum, Mexico

2. All you can eat steak frites at L’Entrecote Paris, France

3. Sourdough Pancake with pecans & ricotta at Vinegar Hill House Brooklyn

4. Tacos from La Super-Rica Taqueria in Santa Barbara CA

5. Treviso salad at Isa Williamsburg, Brooklyn

My motto: Strength comes from within.


For Roanne’s steak tacos recipe, email: pippa@sousstyle.com