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Queen Victoria

In our new series for ELLE, conceptual dessert maker Victoria Yee Howe, whips up something sweet and seriously sophisticated...
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Name: Victoria Yee Howe

Hometown: Many – Seattle, Honolulu, Southern California suburbia, Malaysia, Philly, Hong Kong – a little part of me has lived and been left behind at all of those places.

Current Location: Brooklyn

Day Job: Working with contemporary artists and conceptual dessert at Kreemart. Also, I write and publish fanzines, photo books, and make field recordings.

My TOP 5 Meals:

1. Afternoon tea service at the Peninsula Hotel in Hong Kong. I love ritualized eating and the lobby reminds me of my childhood and meeting my mom there for glamorous breakfasts

2. Dependable diner food in small towns, an idyllic reprieve after hard traveling

3. Room service in bed, in any hotel, anywhere

4. Cheong fun rice noodles at outdoor street markets in Kuala Lumpur

5. A liquid meal: Basement drinks at Bacaro, my favorite bar in my favorite hood, East Chinatown, NYC

For the rest of Victoria’s interview and more pics head over to!

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