PHOTOGRAPHY by Lianna Tarantin

From bookshelf to Bar

Jason revamps your booze

I’m sure ex-Male Monday Jason is still fresh in your minds – the man can shake the hell out of a drink, right?! Lady Porn aside, his bookcase caught our eye. It’s stocked with all the booze, shakers, liqueurs, and cocktail glasses he could ever want.

Here’s the How To for you to copy!

1.    Assemble bottles (maybe keep the Aristocrat under the sink? If this is you, we need to talk…) and any accessories: shakers, olive jars, vermouth, sugar. Collect little things like toothpicks or straws into old teacups or well-loved highball glasses.

2.    Sort like with like. We’re talking size, here: larger bottles go together, olives near the toothpicks. Matching is overrated– you don’t need the whole set of wineglasses for the #imperfectperfect.

3.  Fill in your shelves! Larger, taller bottles near the bottom if they fit, and the accessories mixed together above.

Talk about loving what you have. These are bottles of booze, people, but the final product looks great! Plus, easy access – er, a daily reminder to celebrate!

Organization and decor in one pretty package. Here’s to life’s little #upgrades!

Pippa x


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