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Double Duty Dishware

Make your plates earn their keep!
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The downside to my imperfect perfect approach to collecting dishes is that I’ve picked up a few adorable, too-small-for-eating plates and bowls. Now they’re ready to earn their keep after a little inspiration from Chi

Check it out – she uses tiny bowls and plates to hold ingredients as she pulls together her Bibimbap (when I make it, those carrots are coming pre-shredded, baby!) Like a better-looking, do-it-as-you-go version of a mise en place.

So why not use them for all kinds of entertaining? Little bowls can hold soy sauce for takeout sushi, olive oil for bread dipping, used tea bags,  personal guacamole servings…! Love what you have, and make those extra dishes earn their cabinet space!

Pippa x

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