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Crunchy green beans and Richard Gere circa 1980. Yeah it's just another Wednesday......
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Born Standing Up by Steve Martin.

It’s one of my favorite books sitting on my nearly organized bookshelf that chronicles the early life of Steve Martin as an up-and-coming standup comedian. I’m emotionally promiscuous at the best of times but it really was such a funny, intimate and daringly honest read. Somehow I managed to laugh and cry all on the same page but I wouldn’t expect less from such a beautiful writer. His advice for winning over an audience? “Always look better than they do.” Point taken.

Buy it here


American Gigolo 1980,                                                                                                         

I have no idea why movies aren’t made like this anymore but it’s incredible, slow but absolutely hypnotic. For those who haven’t seen it already it stars a young and super stylish Richard Gere who is dressed like a walking advertisement for Mr Porter and a ridiculously chic Lauren Hutton. Their character’s become intwined in a scandalous love affair and drama follows….Anyway enough said – just watch. You’ll thank me later!

FYI there is partial nudity and at least one butt shot.

Itunes it here!


Crunchy Green Green Beans with Curry and Toasted Coconut

My friend and expert nutritionist Marissa Lippert came up with the most incredible but super easy recipe for Bon Appetit. It’s crunchy green beans which is an amazing alternative to french fries. Ok so it’s not a traditional spring food but after making it last weekend I can say it’s pretty darn awesome so who cares!

Click here for the recipe. 


The Facinator by Douglas Friedman.

If you want to a reason to procrastinate at work check out the super glamorous and handsome photographer Douglas Friedman’s tumblr page called The Facinator. It’s serious #Lady Porn meets #Likeable Life Envy that features cool snaps from his fabulous life and travels. You’ll hate him for a second but then get over it because his pictures are just so great. Check it out here!

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