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Is your knife as sharp as it should be?
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PROBLEM: You finally got your first real knife (thanks, Mara!) You want to keep it in good shape for many chopped salads to come, but how do you know when it needs routine sharpening?

SOLUTION: Test that baby out!

Here’s the ‘How-To’ from our friends at ZWILLING J.A. HENCKELS:

1. Pick up a ripe tomato

2. Hold your knife loosely in your hand

3. Place your knife on top of the tomato applying NO pressure

4. Draw the knife across the tomato…again—NO pressure

If the tomato skin punctures, your knife is sharp. If the tomato skin doesn’t puncture, your knife is dull. Get sharpening!

And please – no knives in the dishwasher! You’ll thank me later…

Pippa x

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