Weekend Update

This week's cheat sheet for all things Sous Style
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We’ve got you covered on all the happenings of this week!

Male Monday: Nick cooks up an amazing quinoa salad! #MenWhoCook

The Tip Off! Is your knife in serious need of some TLC? #TheHowTo

Wake Up Call: Waking up with Brook&Lyn designer, Mimi Jung #GoodMorning

Pippa Diary: Read. Watch. Eat. Pin #GameChanger

Cook for Me: Tali whips up an insanely good pest pasta #WomenWhoEat

House Hunting: Serious real estate property porn in Southern Sardinia #TakeMeI’mYours

Sous Style Scraps: Double Duty Dishware #Upgrade!

Lady Porn: The gorgeous weather inspired this Spring Break Lady Porn #TropicalEyeCandy

Have an amazing weekend!

Pippa x

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