Ariele in New York

Building what I want, when I want it.

Name: Ariele Alasko

Hometown: Monterey, California

Current Location: Brooklyn, New York

Day Job: Building what I want, when I want it; and my blog Brooklyn to West

Daily Uniform: Jeans, T-shirt, leather boots, tape measure, pencil.

Favorite thing about California: The fact that everybody assumes I surf.

Favorite things about New York: It’s a never-ending array of dumpsters brimming with old wood and treasures, Brooklyn trash days, where every night you can find something incredible; the fact that everyone here is united by constantly lacking one thing—space; riding my bike everywhere; never running out of incredible places to eat.

Top 5 Meals:
1. Gnocchi con gorgonzola e pere at Il Vecchio in Pacific Grove, CA

2. Alla Carbonara, also from Il Vecchio

3. Mac and Cheese from Maggie Brown in Brooklyn

4. Mabo Men Ramen at Men Kui Tei in New York

5. Chicken Curry at Shalimar in San Francisco

Motto: If it’s broken, fix it. If you need it, build it.

How to build a table: the simplified version

1. Find some materials (do some dumpster diving!)

2. Buy a chop saw.

3. Buy a drill. And some wood glue. And some tiny finishing nails.

4. Hopefully you already have a hammer!

5. Cut out a plank of wood for the top of the table, of any size. Three feet by four feet is a good start.

6. If you want to build a patterned table top, choose a pattern and start cutting each piece on the chop saw. Nail it in place with a little glue, and continue until pattern is complete.

7. Cut some wood for trim, and frame out the table top to finish it off.

8. Cut four legs for your table. Most tables are about thirty inches high, when finished.

9. Cut four lengths of the same wood, two shorter ones, and two longer to fit between the legs, directly underneath the table top to create a sort of box. Glue, clamp, and dowel these for strength.

10. Attach the table top to the table base, from underneath with L brackets.

And, voila!