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Stinky sponge? nothing the microwave can't handle
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I like the idea of having an immaculate place all the time, in case an unexpected guest stops over. But, for those of us who live in the real world, here’s a tip to make it seem that way.

Pippa x

PROBLEM: The handsome, vaguely Clive Owen-looking fella you met last week just texted and is headed towards the apartment. You’ve frantically emptied the garbage but suddenly you’re noticing the rank odor being emitted by your sponges and towels. No time to pick up new ones at the deli.

SOLUTION: Throw a damp sponge or hand-towel into the microwave and cook on high for thirty seconds. It kills any bacteria and eliminates mildew smells. Just be careful not to scorch yourself taking them out.

P.S. Am expecting to hear back from Clive Owen fella any day now…

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