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Happy (Thai) New Year

Ladies and Gents, grab your napkins. Salivating pics here.
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New Year’s Eve is pretty much always a letdown except when you’re celebrating it in April. Last Sunday I got to hang out with a few friends from Soho House who threw a very cool family table style brunch to chime in the Thai New Year. I’m a sucker for a New Year shindig and will raise my glass at anytime, so when the invite came my way I just couldn’t resist.

The event was hosted by sexy, passionate lover of food ( I will not use the word ‘foodie’) James Murphy from LCD Soundsystem and his gorgeous culinary whiz girlfriend Christina Topsoe. They invited chef Kris Yenbamroong of Night + Market at Talesai to serve up an incredible once-in-a-lifetime style feast.  If you’re not already familiar with the super-talented (and handsome nice-guy) Kris, please read on/ follow here. He’s the best! Seriously.

It involved eight (yes, jeans, I know…!) delicious courses of sausages, grilled meats, seafood, mortar-pounded relishes, larbs, chilli pastes and so on…and to say the least it was spicy but shockingly good! The crowd was just as diverse as the meal with everyone from top chef David Chang, Aziz Ansari (who we know loves a good party), Selby Drummond and SS girl DJ Justine D to name a few…

However, my favorite part was getting to go ‘backstage’ to check out all the sweaty buzz and excitement from the kitchen before it hit our table…Good times.

Now grab a napkin. Salivating pics here.

Pippa x

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