Kristin + Simon in NYC

They love: skim lattes, frozen margaritas, oysters, Cafe Gitane granola and each other.

Names: Kristin and Simon Trude

Current Location: New York

We met at: La Esquina, on our first date set up by a mutual girlfriend of ours.

Our first breakfast together: Granola at Cafe Gitane, I constantly crave their granola.

Our most indulgent dinner: Birthday dinners of oysters, lobster summer salad, roasted sole and Billecart-Salmon bubbly at the Standard Grill.

When we just want to get fed, we go to: Omai Thai or Co. Pizza in our neighborhood (Chelsea). We love the calamari salad with sticky rice at Omai and, at Co., the tomato, mozzarella and arugula salad with a glass of lumbrusco!

Our favorite five-minute meal: Mooncake Foods delivery, the seared tuna arugula salad!



She likes her eggs: In the fridge.

She will never eat: Anything that moos.

She makes the best: Trader Joe’s Frozen Spinach Pie

Her signature cocktail: Frozen margaritas

I loved it when she took me to: Any of her favorite Mexican restaurants for margaritas in the summer.

When she’s trying to impress me, she makes me: dinner (it doesn’t happen often)!



He likes his coffee: Skim lattes from Joe!

He makes the best: Bruschetta!

He absolutely hates: Carrots!

His all-time favorite meal: Prosciutto pizza

When he wants to sweep me off my feet (wants something!), he takes me to: Australia!