The Illustrated Plate

in this new SS series, we're teaming up with our favorite artists to bring you gorgeous illustrated meals from our favorite restaurants and chefs. First up is Bernadette Pescua of Decade Diary!

First up in The Illustrated Plate, Bernadette takes on the Seafood Tower from one of our favorite restaurants Saxon + Parole.

“People are coming to the bar at 5:30pm, getting these towers to share and washing them down with many assorted cocktails for an hour before dinner.”
-Kristina O’Neil, co-owner of Saxon + Parole.

How-To Eat a Seafood Tower from Saxon + Parole
1. Squeeze lemon over everything
2. Peel the shrimp
3. Take a sip of your cocktail
4. Slurp down an oyster
5. Take a sip of your cocktail
6. Use your tiny fork to enjoy the mussels + clams
7. Take a sip of your cocktail
8. Repeat steps 1-7

How gorgeous is this? What are some of your favorite meals that you would like to see illustrated?

Pippa x