Jeff + Adam in NYC

Blind Barber all day, every day

Name: Jeff Laub + Adam Kirsch

South Jersey
A: Manhattan

Current Location:
Los Angeles
A: New York

Day Job:
J + A:
Blind Barber all day, every day

My Daily Uniform:
Jeans and a Tee
A: I wear different clothes every day, but jeans, boots and subtle plaid shirt are staples.

I have a few:
Bad jokes
A: Sauces in my fridge

In the kitchen, I swear by:
A: Not hand-washing the dishes.

The taste I can’t live without:
That hot sauce
A: Cheese

Favorite Dinner Out:
Hudson Clearwater
A: Incredible is a very strong word, but a great dinner out is definitely The Lion

If I could cook for anyone:
Shit, I should cook for my mother.  This question made me realize I have never made her a meal.  Thanks guys.  So WHEN I cook for her, I am going to make her a meatball provolone sandwich with a side salad from our Rosetto cookbook.

A: Gordon Ramsey, so I could just smirk and not take it seriously when he yelled at me. I would cook a dish that would make him most angry.

I’m dying to go to:
A: Brazil—beautiful scenery, emerging economy and lovely young ladies.

My favorite thing about New York:
You’re going to make me upset, I just moved to Los Angeles to begin building our 2nd Blind Barber.  My favorite things about New York are the style, the accessibility to EVERYTHING, the creativity and 10th Street in the East Village.

A: The energy in the streets. The action and people motivate and inspire me.

Top 5 Meals:

1.  Butter Clams and Gnocchi at Hudson Clearwater in New York

2.  Fried Baby Artichokes at DuMont in Brooklyn

3.  ANY of the sushi at Sugarfish in L.A.

4.  Emiliana Pizza at Gnocco in New York

5.  Grilled Chicken Club and Fried Kale at Whitmans in New York

1. Homemade whole wheat maccheroni pasta with braised Parma prosciutto, arugula and a light touch of cream at Gnocco

2. Chicken tortilla soup at La Esquina

3. Juicy Lucy at Whitmans

4. Arepas at Yerba Buena

5. Delmonico steak at The Lion

My Motto:
Try everything?  I don’t know, not sure if I have a motto [laughs].
A: Act appropriately and respect the people around you. Have fun, but don’t be an idiot.