The Chicest Makeshift Closet

Asia shows us how it's done
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Give me a tiny apartment any day – just as long as I have a sizable closet. Reality is not every space has a sizable closet or even any closet for that matter; something I am very familiar with. Not to worry! Use these tips to set up your own makeshift closet a la Asia. Smart lady.

1. Start with your space. The best-case scenario would be a little niche in your space, like Asia’s room, but any corner will do.

2. Buy a garment rack. We like this one from the Container Store (this smaller one from Ikea is a bit cheaper, plus it comes with an extra shelf). Or if you’re feel adventurous install a closet rod which is actually easier than it sounds.

3. Stock some extras. Use these black huggable hangers (please, NO wire hangers! Your clothes will thank you), and some linen baskets to make the space look more uniform. The baskets will also leave you with additional storage for accessories like belts, purses, hats and scarves.

4. Hide it with a curtain. West Elm has lots of cotton canvas options, but even a printed shower curtain would work. A wire cable mounted from the ceiling is perfect for hanging it.

Ok this is pretty good, no?

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