Maayan Does Mother’s Day

Belting Stevie Wonder in the car
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Next in our Mother’s Day series is Maayan, who shows us the best gift for Mum is sharing something you love. It doesn’t hurt that talent runs in her family…

Pippa x

Maayan, what’s the story behind these photos?

The black and white one is of my mom in high school, performing one of her favorite Bob Dylan songs. The color one is a recent shot of her singing a Leonard Cohen song.

I love that you know right down to the songs she was playing. She’s obviously been a big influence in your life – what’s the biggest life lesson she’s taught you?

The most important thing I learned from my mom when I was young was to follow my gut when it came to my talents.  She was always my number one fan. She showed me that sometimes your instrument chooses you and that it’s your duty to follow its lead.

What an amazing relationship you two have. How do you show your appreciation on Mother’s Day?

The best gift we give each other is music. As a child, she gave me Stevie Wonder, Roma and flamenco music, and Bob Dylan (supposedly my Dad!) Over the years, I’ve given her Radiohead, Rufus Wainwright, and our dear friend Caroline of Chairlift. It’s a gift we share in the car on road trips, singing at the top of our lungs.



        Radiohead DVD, $24        Chairlift Digital Album, $8.99       Rufus Wainwright CD, $14

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