Phoebe Made Us Sliders in London

And they wow-ed the britches off us

Name: Phoebe Lovatt

Hometown: London

Current Location: I’m still here. For now.

Day Job: Writer and editor for the Soho House Group / Freelance Journalist

Daily Uniform: Black biker jacket, grey marled t-shirt, Levi 501s, ankle boots.

I have a few: Too many pairs of black ankle boots (see above).

In the kitchen, I swear by: Garlic, fresh black pepper and a parmesan rind added to soups for depth of flavor (take it out before you serve, though!).

The taste I couldn’t live without: Raw fish + soy sauce. How can something so wrong taste so right?

Most incredible dinner out: Fortunately, there have been a few. Freshly caught fish in Lana’i—Hawaii sticks out for obvious reasons.

Best thing(s) about London: The diversity, the creative energy, the abundance of green space, the weather (Ha).

If I could cook for anyone: I’d make a proper Sunday roast for my friends. I used to cook for them all the time when I was a student, but sadly life isn’t so leisurely these days…

I’m dying to go to: Tokyo. For the food, obviously.

Go-to five-minute meal: Poached eggs and mashed avocado on sourdough toast. Plenty of salt and pepper. Nice cup of tea on the side.

Top 5 Meals:

1. Steak, beef dripping chips and sticky toffee sundae at The Hawksmoor, London

2. Hawaiian Big Eye Tuna with Ginger Rice Ball at Prime One Twelve, Miami

3. Carte blanche menu at Septime, Paris

4. Malaysian chicken curry and green salad at Hare & Tortoise, London

5. Set lunch at Yoshino, London

My motto: Work hard and be nice to people.