The SS Men Organize the Chaos

Quick tips with help from your fav Male Monday's

Tiny, cramped kitchen? Been there. If counters crowded with Keurig canisters and bills to be paid are getting in the way of you pulling dinner together, the men of Sous Style have you covered. Steal their ideas to reclaim your kitchen. No excuses, get cooking!

Pippa x

1. Think Vertical. For those with not enough cabinets to hide frying pans in, hang a pot rack above your stove like Rob. Easy to reach, clutter-free – a perfect solution.

GET IT: from Chef’s Resource for $200, or from Target for $64

2. Spread Out Cheat and bring more counter space into the equation with a mini version of a kitchen island, like David. It’s easy enough to stow or hide when you need room for guests, but it gives you just enough (appliance-free) space for dinner prep.

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3. Shelves, Shelves, Shelves. If you’re not afraid to show the world your stuff, make like Jason and invest in some serious shelving. Repackaging your dry ingredients into matching jars will do aesthetic wonders, but don’t be afraid to let things show as they are (check out his ridiculous hot sauce collection). Extra credit: bring a bookshelf in to keep your booze off the top of the fridge.

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