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Male Monday gets cultured
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Keith Haring, International Youth Year. 1985. Lithograph.

Our Male Monday guys have good taste. Take it from Rob – we couldn’t help but notice the not-so-small Keith Haring hanging in his kitchen. Want one of your own? Who doesn’t…

We found a similar lithograph at auction by this Pop Art legend. Upwards of $2,000 will get you this limited-run piece created to celebrate the International Youth Year. Peace, love, and the envy of all your dinner guests.

A little background for your cocktail convos: Haring was like the Banksy of the 70s and 80s, starting in subways and murals in New York, and moving on up to designing this print for the UN (internationally recognized!)

Get in on the auction here… and then start throwing parties like mad so all your friends can see “the new Haring” in the kitchen. Just don’t tell them that’s Two-Buck Chuck in their wine glasses.

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