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The Poor Porker

Custom furniture, piping hot beignets and chicory coffee served up on a mobile stand
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The Poor Porker
Founded 2011
Founders: Robyn Wilson and Jarrid Masse
Location: Lakeland, Florida
“Custom furniture, piping hot beignets and chicory coffee served up on a mobile stand”

How did you get started in this field?

While in Los Angeles last year we went on a crazy scavenger hunt for good beignets and chicory coffee but couldn’t find any that came close to the ones we’ve had in New Orleans. We knew then that if we wanted them, we’d have to make them ourselves… and we did.

Where do you find inspiration for your work?

We’re inspired by the challenge to look deeper. We believe that looking at things that you already have in a new way can create elegance and functionality.

Tell us about your cooking/making process.

First comes an idea. Next and most importantly is the action and starting right away. If we need something, we go and find it. We never wait until we have everything… Our community is a limitless resource.

How has your process changed since you first started?

Our process hasn’t changed much since we started but ideas for growth are becoming clearer.

What is your favorite material to work with?

Rusty metal, weathered wood and vegan beignet dough.

How does your personal style influence your products?

We’re both rugged and we aspire to be more self-reliant. Everything we make has elements of things that we love to be surrounded by.

Where do you imagine you’ll take the company next?

We’re really excited about expanding and opening more sustainably made beignet and chicory booths at farmers markets across the US.  We’re also in the process of manufacturing our vegan beignet dough and roasted chicory coffee for specialty markets.

Who would be a dream collaborator?

We’ve got a few. Tyler Florence is a huge inspiration of ours.  Mark and Johnny Houston, bar owners and designers of our favorite bar in LA called Harvard and Stone do amazing work.

As for fashion, author and blogger Lizzie Garrett Mettler.

What materials and ingredients are you drawn to right now?

Old fence wood and bondo. We’re really into discovering underused wild edibles in our area.

What tip would you give to people getting into this business?

Just do it. If you focus too much on all of the logistics involved, you can easily scare yourself out of it. Use what you’ve got and share your ideas, the rest will follow.

Who do you see as an innovator in this field or industry?

Honestly we haven’t found anyone who does it quite like we do it.


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