David in New York

Pedal to the Metal

Name: David Alexander Flinn

Hometown: New York City

Current Location: NYC

Day Job: Artist, Model, and Contractor. I’ll spare you my night gig…

Daily Uniform: Plain t, A.P.C. jeans and snakeskin cowboy boots

I have a few: Tattoos by Myles Karr

In the kitchen, I swear by: Italian Olive Oil

The taste I couldn’t live without: A fresh peach

Hidden Talents? Welding

You’d be surprised that: “I’m sssennssiittivee”

If I could cook for anyone: I would make fresh gazpacho for my grandma, who used to make it for me.

Favorite material to work with: CONCRETE

I’m dying to go to: Nepal

Best placed I’ve lived: The Alps

Drink of choice: Jameson, neat.

My Top 5 Meals:

1. Gnocco Fritto e Salumi at Gnocco in New York City

2. Gambas al Ajillo from Curate in Asheville, NC

3. Fresca at Il Vicolo in Turin, Italy

4. Torta di Cipolle e Tortelli at Momeliano in Piacenza, Italy

5. Brain Taco at the flea market in Mexico City

My motto: Pedal to the metal.