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bigLITTLE’s Dinner Party in Wonderland

Feed your head
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The Menu

Appetizer: Miniature Market Vegetables served on Nail Boards

Salt & Pepper “Eat Me” Shortbreads

Baked Potato Chips with Blueberry Thyme Blue Cheese Mousse & Pickled Beet Blue Cheese Mousse

Cocktail: Chamomile Tea + Fresh Lemon + Agave + White Rum

1st Course: “Walrus & Carpenter”

Long Island Oysters with Rhubarb Mignonette & Honey Macerated Rhubarb / Endive & Maldon Salt / Sorrel & Shiso Leaves, served over Black Garlic Yogurt “Wood” Panel

2nd Course: “Caterpillar & the Flower Garden”

Hibiscus & Raspberry Tea Cold-Poached Salmon / Sunflower Miso Butter / Marinated Mushrooms / Edible Flowers

Dessert: “Queen of Hearts”

White Chocolate Ginger Cream Cheese Ice Cream / Black Sesame / Tri-Star Strawberries / Crystallized Ginger / Strawberry Curd


Names: Lauren Gerrie & Flannery Klette-Kolton

Hometown: Orange County, CA & Greenwich Village, NYC

Current Location: East Village’s Alphabet City / “The Center of the Universe”

Day Job: Chefs; bigLITTLE Get Together

In the kitchen, we swear by: Diamond Crystal Salt & great music

We have a few: Knives!

Cocktail of choice? MARGARITAS!!!

What’s happening ten minutes before guests arrive? We’re plating appetizers, putting last-minute touches on table decor, and putting on lipstick.

Table setting design: Varies with each dinner party, but the combination of beautiful flowers with thematic accents always does the trick

We know, amazing! And there’s more! Come back this pm for Lauren & Flannery’s advice for throwing your own mad tea party.

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