PHOTOGRAPHY by Heather East

Randi Lee in Soho

The Smile, Saturdays Surf and jalapeño scrabble eggs
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Name: Randi Lee

Hometown: Portland, Oregon

Current Location: SoHo, NYC

Day Job: Director of Operations for The Smile Restaurants

Daily Uniform: Mix of NSF pants, Saturdays shirts, Converse sneeks

In the kitchen, I swear by: Citrus, Maldon Sea Salt and good olive oil

The taste I couldn’t live without: Salt

If I could cook for anyone:  Jalapeño scrabble eggs for my girlfriend.

Any hidden talents?  I can ride a unicycle

I’m dying to go to: Any Place in New Orleans

Favorite place I’ve ever traveled: Burgundy, France for Thanksgiving

Best thing(s) about NY: Riding bikes in the city

My Top 5 Restaurants:

1. Katz’s Delicatessen, NYC

2. Thistle Restaurant; McMinnvile, Oregon

3. Grumpy’s Sun Valley, Idaho

4. Avec, Chicago

5. St. John, London

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