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The Sous Style x My New Roots Classes

6 classes in 4 days, Go Behind-the-Scenes
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We did it!

6 classes in 4 days was quite a feat (and fête!) but we couldn’t have done it without all those who signed up and attended and obviously our hero and fellow Tastemaker, Sarah Britton!

Click through the pics to get the behind the scenes coverage of all of our classes. Can you spot yourself??

And hey, if you didn’t get a chance to make this round, don’t worry, there is plenty more to come…

Also, a big, huge, fat THANK YOU to Caroline Sheahan and Silkstone, Sarah Britton, all the ladies (and the couple guys) who came out and attended, the cashier who checked us out at Whole Foods (you were very patient), the nice man from Kinkos, Lianna’s refrigerator, Tali Magal and The Fat Radish for serving us a nice big drink after our final class!


P.S. How good is the first image? Don’t we look like we’re at camp? +

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