PHOTOGRAPHY by Lianna Tarantin

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Create your own outdoor living space for an endless summer

The last few weeks in August always mean big, fat September issues to page through at the beach – and of course, the end of the summer, warm days, cool night parties with your friends. Brendan‘s patio dinner inspired us to recreate our own outdoor living space (or considering we’re New Yorkers, dream up one). Perfect for gathering around the fire with blankets and pillows and a bottle or two of your favorite something.  And of course, we’ll be setting the mood with his album picks, too.


Teak Chair | Not a Paper Plate, $22 | Hallo Pad, $20| Outdoor Table, $148

Side Chair, $228 | Rug, $28 | Fire Place, $1500 | Sofa, $1000


Charcoal Grill, $60 | Wool Blanket, $180 | String Lights, $49 | Hurricane Lamp, $24

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