Linlee in LA

Keepin the vibe "up" with bright brights and a 50's aesthetic

Linlee! I noticed your office on Facebook and thought, Damn! I need to know about that space. So, I have a few questions. Please excuse if I’m a little too nosey but…

The walls, I love them! What’s on there?

An assortment of images, quotes, letters, photographs, notes and vintage postcards that I’ve gathered over the past decade living in Paris and Los Angeles. As a teenager my walls were covered with collages of postcards and clippings from magazines, etc… so I guess I’ve never really curbed that part of surrounding myself with inspiration. I like the concept of grouping together inspiring visual imagery and filtering that into my own creative process; be it through writing, photography, consulting, among other things.

OK easy one. Describe your sense of style

I’m a VERY positive person so my sense of style is bright and very pop, fused with a 50s aesthetic. I have a lot of 1950s French and Italian vintage movie posters and postcards scattered upon my walls.

Your room is super graphic and colorful – do you ever want to just paint it white and zen out?!

NO! For my work environment I need to keep the vibe “up” and draw references from a mix of cultural influences. My bedroom is the opposite: its completely white with the exception of a giant Luis Bunuel movie poster.

And the fabric cubes, who designed them?

They are from Anthropologie. I bought a bunch of them about six months ago as I really adore African textiles, such as basin prints.

What’s your go-to flower choice for the everyday?

I love Peonies actually but try to mix it up every week with Roses, Fresia’s, whatever etc.

Love the drawers – why that color?

I bought them from CB2 and just liked the idea of fusing a bright pop of color.

And of course the star of the room, who is that gorgeous puppy?

Her name is Lucky, she’s a four year-old Border Terrier that was found dodging cars on the 405 freeway four years ago. She is my ultimate love,
my canine partner-in-crime.

You’re a self described ‘multi-tasker’ (which I love!) any tips on how to keep such a cool space organized?

I work from home in Beverly Hills so its crucial that the front office area of my apartment is completely cleared and tidy at the end of each day. Usually around 11pm I clean the desk and organize everything so its perfect and ready for early the next morning when I get back from hiking with Lucky (my dog).

Lastly, any other favorite items to share?

1. Mike Mills Mantra Ribbon with a great quote – “Everything you see is a dream you project on to the world.”

2. “Sunrise” by Roy Lichtenstein – one of my favorite pieces of work randomly found at a flea market in Los Angeles.

3. Hilarious illustration by Anthony Haden-Guest – “Celebrities give so much…why should they pay taxes too?”

4. Rolls of French masking tape – I always purchase several rolls when I’m in Paris, I love the graphics and old school fonts.

5. Concert ticket stubs from inspirational performances – Liza Minnelli at The Hollywood Bowl, Werner Herzog at UCLA etc.

6. Personality assessment card by The Bumbys from Art Basel in Miami several years ago.

Linlee is an awesome lady in general but to sum up she’s a Writer / PR / Consultant / Multi-Tasker. Check out her pages below.