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In Bed With April

Sleep your way to the top!
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Name: April Greaves

Day Job: Makeup Artist; creator of “Belle du Jour” collection for Bloom Cosmetics

Current Location: New York City


Lady! You look so good. Are you one of those who exists on like 4 hours of sleep and runs a marathon before work? 

Hell no! I’m starting a new thing where I am trying not to cheat on the 8 hours. It’s no longer a source of pride to do less!

Love the sheets! It looks super comfortable. Where’s it all from? 
The sheets are from Ralph Lauren. I’m not sure of the thread count but they have a good weight which is important. I’m still searching for the perfect pillow. Suggestions welcome!

Do you make the bed every morning?
Yes I do.

Wow. I’m impressed. Ok so what’s your pre-bed routine?
Clean face and clean feet equals a better nights sleep. I also love a night time tea from Traditional Medicines Relaxation Tea Sampler.

You’re Australian so I presume you sleep on planes! Any tips?!
Yes I take various size travel pillows to make the long journey a little more comfortable.

Finally, any random spectacular reoccurring dreams?
No, only monkeys on my back that wake me up in the middle of the night. They’re the things you need to deal with right?!

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