A Chef’s Packing List: The Ultimate Take-With-You Kitchen Must Haves

Take out the wedges and pack a mandoline instead
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The incredible Sarah McSweeney is a part time model, full time chef and spends the rest of her time traveling around to other people’s places to whip up dinner. Did we mention that in the Summertime those places are in Spain? Yea, girl’s got the life.

You don’t need a bunch of fancy gadgets to cook up some gorgeous and delicious food on vacation or when traveling. Just a few basic things that never fail at enhancing the preparation and taste of your dishes.

Take it away Sarah…

My Ultimate Take-With-You Kitchen Supply Must Haves

My must-haves when it come to traveling are pretty simple and straight forward. This list is perfect for a foodie weekend away with family and friends or for extensive trips that require cooking abroad. It’s a small but important assortment of tools that will make any culinary adventure much easier and more efficient.

#1: Firstly, I always have to start with a sharp knife. Seems obvious enough, but it’s the most essential tool you need, so I never depend on anyone else at a vacation home or friend’s house to provide one. And without a sharp knife things can get pretty dull in the kitchen, pun intended.

#2: The next must-have is a hand juicer, which is especially helpful when I’m any place where fresh seafood is available. Ceviche is one of my favorite dishes to make no matter what the ingredients are, so I need lots of fresh lime and lemon juice. Thanks to the hand juicer, any strenuous arm and elbow effort is eliminated, making the process much faster and simpler. I’m also a big fan of making lemon tarts, another recipe in which I call upon the hand juicer to make my life easier!

#3: When I’m in Ibiza during the summer months, most of what I prepare stays on the healthy side, like cucumber or zucchini salads. So my next must-have item is a Japanese mandoline, a fabulous tool that folds away easily into my luggage. It’s easily one of my top-five favorite kitchen gadgets – lightweight, easy to travel with, and it allows you to slice raw vegetables as beautifully thin as you’d like. Perfect for fresh salads and pretty garnishes!

#4: Another must for me is a microplane, which is just a fancier form of a grater. It’s ideal for zesting citrus fruits and finely grating cheeses. Plus it’s beyond easy to travel with – most fit in your pocket – and it’s definitely more versatile than the standard supermarket grater.

#5: Last but not least, I always travel with my favorite condiments that are sometimes unavailable in foreign places or friends’ houses. Every year when I head to to Ibiza, I make sure to pack a bottle of Sriracha and little tube of harissa in my bag! Seems typical, but oh so necessary. Helps bring back those favorite flavors from home – I love cooking with both of these chili sauces!


So there it is! The list may seem simple but that’s the point.

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