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Organize the Chaos-Fashion Week Edition

Tips, tools, tricks from's, Susan Cernek, for keeping on top of your sh*t during FASHION WEEK

We caught up with’s Editorial Fashion Development Director, Susan Cernek, smack dab in the middle of NYFW to find out her tips, tools, tricks on how she stays on top of her game and keeps the chaos organized during the hectic week. Brilliant info below, read on!

Susan’s Top 5 Tips For Keeping On Top Of Your Sh*t During Fashion Week:

1. Drink one bottle of Emergen-C every day before during and after. It helps ward off the fashion week flu. (I forgot this season and am deeply regretting it as I sniffle through shows.)

2. Bring an extra battery for your phone. It’s going to die at 3pm- you know it is.

3. Know your designer Twitter handles—it leads to less Googling on the fly.

4. Take the subway. You’ll get there faster and have zen WWD reading time along the way.

5. Be nice—even to that person who is attempting to steal your seat. Karma works in mysterious ways.

Okay, let’s start with the basics: iPhone calendar or old-school filofax?

Old-school Excel sheet printout of day’s schedule, shrunk down, highlighted, and taped haphazardly into a clutch-sized Moleskin. It looks like a 12-year-old’s art project.

How do you prepare for the Street Style army? Do you plan outfits ahead of time, or are you digging through drawers at the last minute?

I do a big dry cleaning trip the week before, then leave everything on hooks outside my closet, so I don’t have to go on a wild goose chase in my disorganized closet.

Go-to beauty essentials on hand at all times? 

skyn Iceland Hydro Eye Gels (because days are long and eyes get puffy), Chanel bronzer (to fake an even, unstressed complexion), Oscar Blandi dry shampoo (to make the blow-out last longer), Tom Ford Black Orchid roller pen (for mid-day spiff-ups) and Degree Clear Deodorant because those tents are H-O-T. Oh and a hand sanitizer because the tents are like gigantic petri dishes.

Key words: Be prepared. So how do you fuel throughout the day – do you go into juice mode? Stash energy bars? Live off Starbucks?

I try to have a big cheesy omelet in the morning, since I usually don’t get to eat anything until 6, and even then, it’s usually airy macaroons from a designer presentation.

Key tip for transitioning from daytime show to nighttime after-party:

Don’t ever take off your heels, or else you’ll never put them back on. You’ll just want to go home, pour yourself a cocktail, put on HGTV and call it a day. Just suffer through the pain, slap on a bold lip and make it happen.

Must-do activity for keeping yourself centered during the week- Cocktails? Hot yoga? Walking the dog?

Cat videos on the Internet seem to do the trick.

Favorite show location?

This season the Tommy Hilfiger show was set in the tunnel on The High Line, with candle-lit lanterns lighting the pathway and then hanging from the ceiling. It was on Sunday night—almost exactly on the hour where summer turned to fall. It was beautiful and a terrific use of space.

Most anticipated shows- go!

Hard to say! I get a kick from folks who seem to have the most fun with their work—Chris Benz, Creatures of the Wind, Karen Walker, Alexander Wang, Thom Browne and Marc Jacobs.

Purse Style: The 5 must have things with you at all times:

Android AND iPhone—different accounts, different battery endurance, different cameras, different social accounts, etc. You need two. Rose’s lip salve, because chapped lips aren’t terribly cute. Kleenex mini tissues, because I’ve caught the Fashion Week flu early this year. (Red nose is also not cute, but not much I can do there.) This season, I’ve also been carrying this tiny book full of our @glamourmag Instagrams. It’s insanely adorable (I made it with and I try to show it to as many people as possible. It helps pass the time while you’re waiting for a show to start.

So, how do you keep everything from becoming a pile at the bottom of your purse?!

Um, I don’t. I have a big, ugly pile of envelopes, invites, run of show sheets, gum wrappers, etc, etc on my dining room table—that’s where I dump everything at the end of the day. Every season I say I’ll organize all of the line sheets, and every season I just shove them in a drawer. Organization is not my strong suit.

And lastly – where is the celebratory dinner post-NYFW?

It’s more of a celebratory massage. I go to the Caudalie Spa at The Plaza for a massage, follow it with dinner downstairs with my husband and then a movie at The Paris Theatre. It’s a good staycation that instantly relaxes you. Either that, or I’ll crash on the couch, order a pepperoni pizza from Layla Jones, mix up some Manhattans and re-watch Homeland. High-low is the way to go.

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