Victoria’s Room Anatomy

Bold and modern Statements, Subtle Details, and Stylish Reads

Name: Victoria de la Camara

Hometown: Madrid, Spain

Current Location: New York

Day Job: Style Editor of Rue Magazine

I have a few: Hometowns. I have changed location every 5 years since I can remember.


Counterpoise Lamp– I love that this lamp is both masculine and architectural and relies on balance to keep its form. If you are like me and can’t afford modern sculpture, look for home decor that has strong lines.

Canvas Gold Bowl– My style is focused on subtle details mixed with one or two impactful elements. The unglazed exterior and gold interior strike the perfect contrast. But more importantly I love it because it was given to me by a close friend.

The Lighthouse Watercolor Above My Desk– I bought this in Santander, Spain while I was there for my sister’s wedding. I don’t tend to buy souvenirs but this one was too excellent to pass up. It reminds me of the natural beauty of the north of Spain.

Vintage Postcard of a Turkish Wrestler– I lived in Turkey for a while when I was younger and absolutely fell in love with the people and the culture. The humor of the post card always keeps me in good spirits. It’s hard to take “Yusuf the terrible Turk!” seriously when he is in that pose.

African Beer Basket– The graphic pattern and the natural materials drew me to this piece.

White Braided Rug– A soft rug underfoot can make a room feel a lot cozier. You want something that will encourage you to kick off your shoes and walk around your apartment barefoot.

Parsons Tower Bookshelf– In the age of technology, sometimes it’s nice to return to the intimate experience of reading a book. I  chose this bookshelf because it was substantial in size, didn’t take up too much visual space and really makes my collection of books stand out.

F.Scott Fitzgerald Special Edition Books– I care a lot about the content of the books I read but I am also obsessed with the quality of their pages and cover. I thoroughly enjoyed reading the Great Gatsby but I enjoyed it even more because it was bound with these gorgeous art deco print jackets.

Black Painting above the Sofa– I painted this canvas because I wanted something bold and modern to balance out all of the white. Surprisingly I haven’t become tired of it yet, it seems to make a statement without overwhelming the space.

Edison Bulb Lamp– I love vintage lightbulbs, there is something so antiquated yet contemporary about them.