This week….

My love list

I obsessed over my new favorite breakfast avocado toast with cumin, coriander and lime inspired by Reuben Hills in Sydney.

I seriously loved having oysters and Sancerre with the handsome Kyle Wittel who is the owner of my new favorite place All Good Things in Tribeca.

I followed the ridiculously amazing British Vogue Fashion Editor Francesca Burns on Instagram during London Fashion Week. It was my seat front row at all the shows. Oh technology…:)

I got angry about this. I’ve wanted to like her but she continues to confirm she’s an absolute idiot. Yeah, I’ve made up my mind – she’s a frikin tool.

OH and who knew this? Totally random but an awesomely odd piece of intel.

I wanted Sacha’s dress and pretty much everything else.

Not to mention I loved Tory Burch for saying this which is exactly what I needed to read this week…

And I couldn’t help but lust after anything that says I’m a storm in the sack – nice.

And that’s about it. Well for now anyway. What did you love, obsess, follow or get angry about this week? Start chatting!

Pippa x

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