Steve in London

This San Francisco native turned London resident is the drummer for Placebo and proves that real men bake cookies.

The Menu

Triple Chocolate Chip Cookies


Name: Steve Forrest

Hometown: Modesto, California

Current Location: London, England

Day Job: Drummer for Placebo

I have a few: Talents…

In the kitchen, I swear by: My non-stick frying pan and butter

I’m amazing at making: Most things, as long as I follow the recipe.

I dance to: The rhythm…

The perfect breakfast is: French toast with bacon and eggs

The taste I couldn’t live without: Chocolate

You’re hosting a dream dinner party – who’s invited and what’s on the menu? Elvis Presley, Keith Moon, Jimmy Hendrix, and we’re all having a massive shepherd’s pie!

Any hidden talents? I can do the worm and make a water drip noise quite well.

My imagination is stirred by: I’m not sure, but it’s vivid as hell sometimes!

Top 5 Favorite Albums of All Time:

1. Radiohead, OK Computer

2. The Walkmen, A Hundred Miles Off

3. Paul Simon, Graceland

4. The Band, The Band

5. Death Cab For Cutie, Plans

Go-to snack when traveling on the road: Cereal bars

Favorite place ever visited: Brazil. It was just another beautiful world that captured my imagination.

My TOP 5 Meals

1. La Bodega Negra – King prawns in a sex shop, what’s not to love?!

2. Spuntino has epic truffle salads! Also, try the PB+J sundae.

3. Anything, really, from Roka in London – the sushi is quite nice.

4. Cafe Pacifico in London. Old-school Mexican food and great atmosphere! They will have you full of carnitas and sippin’ on the best tequila all night!

5. Hawksmoor makes the best steaks you can find in London.

My motto in life: Be as happy as you can, for as long as you can.