Peanut Butter Cups with the Mikoh Girls

Former ROXY surfers turned swimwear designers, Oleema and Kalani Miller grew up with the ocean as their backyard, learned a thing or two from their mother and have mastered the making of the perfect bikini

Names: Oleema and Kalani Miller

Dish: All organic dark chocolate and peanut butter cups with pink himalayan sea salt and toasted coconut

Hometown: San Clemente, CA

Current Location:
O:  The beach in Hossegor in the Southwest of France
K: A small little surf beach town called Hossegor in the Southwest of France

Day Job:
O: Co-owner and designer of MIKOH SWIMWEAR
K: Co-owner of MIKOH SWIMWEAR, bikini lover, world traveler

Daily Uniform:
O: A slouchy tee, jean cutoffs, and a great pair of flat strappy sandals. I’m a huge fan of wearing color as well as an all white ensemble. Even after Labor Day.
K: A great fitting pair of jeans is always necessary, Chuck Taylor white hi-tops, a flowy top, and a blazer. When we are lucky enough to be in a warm climate, I love Maxi Dresses. Bikinis are always required.

I have a few:
O: Scrapbooks of my travels. I’m obsessed with taking photos and you can rarely find me without my trust Canon G12 or Polaroid camera.
K: Spices… I love to experiment with different mixtures of my organic spices in the mortar and pestle.

In the kitchen, I swear by:
O: Having no rules.
K: Two good knives, a lot of garlic and ginger, and good pure Himalayan Sea Salt. Ginger is great for everything from an Asian dish to hot lemon, honey, and ginger tea in the morning. Garlic and ginger are great after a long flight and can help clear up any weird bug or sickness you may have caught and are the best pick me up. I will never get tired of those two flavors.

The taste I couldn’t live without:
O: Chocolate. Very cliche but I in fact have a mild obsession.
K: Ginger… I love fresh ginger, ginger candy, dried ginger. YUM.

TOP 5 favorite surf spots:
O: Restaurants, Tavarua / Queens, Waikiki / Yallingup, Australia / Lasuens, San Clemente / Hollister Ranch, California
K: Greenmount on the East Coast of Australia / San Onofre in San Clemente, CA / a secret spot in Santa Barbara, CA that we used to take family camping trips at / Waikiki in Honolulu, HI / and of course, my dream getaway, Tavarua, where the water is crystal clear and there are fun waves for everyone.

Any hidden talents?
If we told you they would no longer be hidden…

What’s one thing people would be surprised to know about you:
O: My obsession with all things sharks despite my incredible fear of them
K: I have to travel with multiple books. I love to read.

You’re hosting a dream dinner party, who’s invited and what’s on the menu:
O:  I’m a huge fan of giant dinner parties- I love having everyone sitting around the table and being able to tell stories and catch up. I’d love to have my closest friends and my boyfriend, as well as my pup Panda and make an assortment of yummy dishes. I’d start with a fresh, crisp arugula salad with beets, goat cheese, and toasted pine nuts, a delicious fresh pan fried fish for the main, and a berry crumble for desert. Followed by a glass (or several) of red wine. Perfection.
K: It would be me and my man (*that would be 11x ASP world surf champ, Kelly Slater)! A great bottle of red wine, and this amazing home cooked white wine lemon thyme oven baked chicken with a quinoa salad. And dark chocolate for dessert, of course!

I’m dying to go to:
O: Any restaurant overlooking that incredible famous view in Santorini, Greece
K: Greece and back to Japan

My mother taught me:
O: How to be a passionate, creative, and loving person and how to cook the best pot of white rice in the world
K: She taught all of my siblings and me to be ourselves and has always let us explore and find our own way. She is the most supportive mother we could ask for and has taught us way too many life lessons to even list…

My motto in life is:
O: Live the life you love.
K: In every breath there is a new opportunity.

TOP 5 Meals:

1. The Salad Cabri from Le Napoli in Hossegor, France
2. Double-double cheeseburger with grilled onions from In-N-Out with fries and a chocolate shake. There are no words.
3. My parent’s cooking. My dad is famous for his BBQ chicken and my mom is beyond incredible in the kitchen.
4. Toro sushi, wild mushroom salad, and baked cod in miso from Nobu in Perth, Australia
5. Icy cold and fresh coconut from anywhere in Bali

1. The whole fish Merlu from La Tantina de la Playa in Bidart, France
2. Kama collarbone and the Ahi Carpaccio from Arigato Sushi in Santa Barbara, CA
3. My dad’s home BBQ chicken and fish with my mom’s finishing touches… there is nothing like a home cooked meal
4. Dinner at La Societe in Paris
5. Any homemade ice cream or gelato place with fresh waffle cones

*editor’s note