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Inner and Outer Beauty by Kiara

This supermodel spills the dirt on getting the glow inside and out

We’re going to start profiling some inspiring women on how they stay beautiful inside and out. Yes there is the cosmetic angle: ‘How do I make my hair softer? Skin clearer?, etc…’ The list goes on… but what I really want to find out is how a girl makes herself feel beautiful on the inside –

Yoga, sure. Meditation, why not? But let’s get weird. Let’s really explore all the fascinating, simple and personal ways a woman celebrates her beauty.

Healer? Chakra balancing? Chanting? Hell, yes! Let’s be curious and explore!

First up, meet Kiara who I was lucky enough to hang out with in her gorgeous New York apartment. I’m pretty instinctive when it comes to friendship but as soon as I looked at her bookshelf I was like, ‘Oh, we’re going to be friends.’ She is evidence that someone so freakin god damn gorgeous on the outside can be equally (if not more) extraordinary on the inside.

Introducing Kiara….

Pippa x

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Kiara Kubukuru’s TOP Tips on Inner and Outer Beauty. 


African-born Supermodel Kiara Kubukuru emerged from her native Uganda, immigrating to the US at age 6 with the help of Amnesty International. She was discovered in a Los Angeles supermarket at age 16, and following an introduction to Tom Ford, became the face of Gucci, taking center stage as perhaps one of the most immaculate and mysterious beauty-creatures of our time. Kiara shares her philosophy on inner and outer beauty along with some universal practical tips to honor your inner glow.

Getting the Glow Inside and Out

1. We are surrounded by beauty.

Beauty is a profound mitigating force. It inspires, it delights, it reminds us of our divinity. It’s present in nature, fashion, art, architecture, film, literature food – if it speaks to you, it is beautiful.

2. The “higher octave” of beauty is love.

Whether our hearts are moved by a wholehearted devoted service to someone else or by pioneering a Fashion Book it’s the same. Beauty is an awareness of the abundance of well-being and a secure love of self.

3. Thoughts change your reality.

Every thought and feeling that we focus on is a gestation that can either be nourished or terminated. The trick is to cease the unwanted thought without fuss or fury. Instead of trying to destroy the old thought, focusing on the desired outcome will create it.

4. Physical beauty is perceived – and malleable.

When you look in the mirror every day and focus on things you dislike about yourself, in the blink of an eye you have created a monster that is very real. When you affirm and acknowledge the things you like about yourself – like no one else can – before long, you’ll be skipping to work.

5. Rebirth is possible every day.

Approach beauty holistically: psychologically, emotionally, and spiritually. Because we believe what we observe, our beliefs are physically manifested. We are radically, exponentially regenerative. Beliefs are only thoughts we keep thinking; reality is only beliefs we continue to believe.

Daily Acts:

Smile, laugh, get it on, pray, meditate, dance, sing, music, hug people often and for longer, yoga, write, read, limit exposure to fanatical crises-driven media, locate and work your chakras, hold a baby, avoid making choices out of fear. Love yourself and everyone even more.

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