House Hunting in Thailand

Triple X Translucent paradise for your viewing pleasures
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Kamala, Phuket, Thailand

Yea, this all glass Thai villa mansion has breathtaking views of the Andaman Sea bla, bla, blah, but truth of the matter is, this shit looks nuts and if you can scrounge together a cool $5,371,094 this place could be yours.

Main features (in order of importance):

1. Location, Location, Location.
2. Indoor Sauna and Steam Room
3. Infinity Pool
4. Panoramic Oceanfront Views
5. Manicured Gardens
6. Wrap Around Outdoor Decks (notice the plural tense)
7. 4 Bedrooms
8. 3 Bathrroms
9. Gated Community
10. Did we mention it’s in Thailand?

Now get to it! But hey, if you’re in the same boat as us, well at least you can spend the rest of your afternoon daydreaming about this place, avoiding all work deadlines, important phone calls, business meetings, waxing appointments, and any festivities that were on the agenda for your Friday night. No judgements.

More info from Sotheby’s here!

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