Dalad’s (Not a) Thai Salad

She swears by imported olive oil, leather pants and bad jokes. Today's dish? A pineapple salad with Dalad

The Menu

(Not a) Thai Salad


Hometown: Bangkok, Thailand

Current Location: New York

Day Job: Starting a restaurant venture with my aunt / part time modeling

I have a few: Sneakers, red tints for my lips, bags that never fit my stuff, dreams that I don’t understand.

The taste I couldn’t live without: Good cheeses and butter. And, dark chocolate.

I can’t stop buying: That depends on my income situation, which is normally inverse to my ability to spend. Usually, good butter or sneakers from Fight Club, that awfully cool sneaker shop that always seems to know how to open my wallet.

My imagination is stirred by: My passions of the moment – most of these involve food or cooking.

I like to dance to: You might not like me if I tell you.

Any hidden talents? Telling bad jokes.

In the kitchen, I swear by: Good imported olive oils.

I’m amazing at making: Curry. Green Curry is a special favorite of mine

The perfect breakfast is: Fresh green juice or anything with good creme fraiche.

Most treasured possessions: My honesty and my leather pants.

Comfort food is: A Thai omelet which consists of eggs, red shallots and fish sauce with rice. Or a Ferdi‘s burger.

Most incredible dinner out: Anywhere they prepare their food with some love.. (and some decent taste) or have lovely drinks before you go dining.

Favorite place ever traveled: England, France, Germany, Italy, Spain, Thailand and Turkey; the places that I visited during my soul cleansing the past summer.

I am dying to go to: South America and see a new movie tonight.

TOP 5 Meals

Only 5?
1. Whatever my aunt Thiou makes for me at her restaurant, Thiou, in Paris.
2. The Paris locations of L’Atelier Joel Robuchon make quite genius food. And, I love sitting at the bar there.
3. The meals at a family-owned restaurant in a small beach town in northwest of Spain last summer. Great company, fresh ingredients, and owners who’s passion for food is their first priority.
4. The monthly dinner with my girls at Il Bagatto, East Village.
5. The juicy back ribs from Il Buco Alimentari & Vineria.

My motto: You have to follow your dreams, but don’t forget to bring your brain.